• khalilullah congratulation day
    khalilullah congratulation day

    congratulation from khalilullah day

  • seminar of professor mikel
    seminar of professor mikel

    seminar of professor mikel

  • massoud hekmatyar book
    massoud hekmatyar book

    congratulation from massoud and hekmatyar book

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    the poem program

  • seminar of doctor max
    seminar of doctor max

    doctor max say bout afghanistan.

Message of Khurshid Institute of Higher Education Management on the occasion of creating ANDESHA Gazette

We live in a modern world - the world of information explosion - the world in which human lives and relations have been changed, meanwhile the mission of Universities as a center of wisdom and awareness has been increased more than before. From the mid of 19th century onwards, the role of universities in the society, has become more prominent and are responsible for producing of knowledge Read More

Honoring of Student’s day

On 21st Aqerab, on the occasion of “Students day”, Khurshid Institute of Higher Education appreciated from its outstanding students through presenting them Acknowledgments in the presence of Media. In this ceremony, Board of director of the University, Students and their parents had participated. The ceremony was started by the recitation of Holy Quran. At first the board of director of the University presented the speech Read More

Founders Institute

Today Khurshid Institute of Higher Education was hosting Founders Institute. In order to enhance the quality of Education, exchanging of experience, utilizing new methodology of teaching and creating academic relation with other internal and foreign institutions, Khurshid Institute of Higher Education has set them as one of its goals. Founder Institute is the first program which helps and facilities the practical implementation of thoughts regarding Read More

Scientific Seminar on research methods

On July 28, 2016, the scientific seminar about “Research methods” was held in Ferdawsi hall of Khurshid Institute of Higher Education which was attended by a number of writers, University lecturers and students. The program was started by the recitation of Holy Quran and after that Abdul Rahim Parwani, head of Khurshid Institute of Higher Education welcomed the guests and spoke regarding the programs of Read More

Unveiling book of Alama Iqbal in the literature of Afghanistan

Unveiling book of Alama Iqbal in Persian literature and culture of Afghanistan is a book written by Dr. Asadullah Mohaqeq Jahani and a ceremony was held on June 1, 2016 in Ferdawsi hall of KIHE. Read More
  • 15 March
    15 March

    spring 98 concour exam.

  • 6 March
    6 March

    start the class

  • 23 march
    23 march

    start the class for new students

Wellcome To Khurshid University

About Khurshid Institute of Higher Education :

Khurshid Institute of Higher Education is established in 2014 and registered with the ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. As a provider of quality and standard higher education, Khurshid is committed to play an outstanding and positive role in contributing to the education sector by pursuing specific goals with education programs that meet the contemporary requirements to practically and realistically achieve its goals and make a difference in the lives of young generation. KIHE has set goals that are future-oriented, professional and skill based meeting the needs of today and future in the contemporary educational era..

The disciplines operating by KIHE are Economics with two departments of Business Administration (BBA) and Business Economics (BBE is further facilitated in two major specialization of Management and Finance for the students to select their field of endeavors), and Law faculties.

In addition, KIHE provides training and development training and development sessions on various subjects based on market demands such as Diploma in English Language, accounting, High mathematics, etc.

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